Stop the CD madness NOW!

With EasyRadiology, you immediately replace CDs with a state-of-the-art technology and start saving time and money!

It's easy to save time and money with EasyRadiology

Everyone knows about the disadvantages of the CD/DVD as transfer media of radiology exams: They are very slow, have different viewing software programs and your referring doctors don't like them. As an oncologist and a "power-referrer" himself, Dr. Martin Weihrauch developed EasyRadiology to replace the CDs with a simple paper document for patients and doctors. EasyRadiology comes with a clear clinical focus on quality, security and speed.
This is how it works:

  • CT scan

    Perform exam

    First, your patient has his/her radiology exam.

  • Patient receives EasyRadiology document

    Hand out document

    Instead of a CD, your patient will receive a simple one page document, which contains all informations to view and even download the radiology exam. The exam is encrypted on your server and is only viewable with the exam password.

  • Card image cap

    Grow your physician referral network

    Your referring doctors and your patients can immediately view the exam with a simple internet link. No need for installation, registration, logins - fully encrypted and secure! Your referrers will love it.

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Features of EasyRadiology

EasyRadiology offers an optimized way to send radiology exams and provide health care professionals and their patients with immediate and fast access. EasyRadiology is being developed with the highest security standards to protect patient data. The use is free for patients (with storing for 3 months of up to 2 GB of data).
  • Image
    View exams on all devices!

    With EasyRadiology, you can view radiology exams on any device, PC/MAC, tablets and smartphones. It is very band-width efficent to save data and present images superfast.

  • Image
    Data protection

    EasyRadiology uses military grade encryption (as cryptoexperts would recommend) to protect your personal data. With the secret link to your exam, the recipient can view the images showing only your gender, age and the date of the exam without revealing name or date of birth, address or radiology department.

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    EasyRadiology replaces CDs and saves the planet from more plastic

    Radiology departments can replace the production of CDs/DVDs altogether with EasyRadiology. This saves time and money. A single piece of eco-friendly paper is all the patient needs, showing the secret link and the password to the exam. Your referring doctors will love EasyRadiology!

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    Integrates into your hospital IT

    EasyRadiology seamlessly integrates into your hospital IT and workflow. It can provide your referring doctors with a blazingly fast viewing experiences, only with a simple internet link.

Grow your physician referral network!

EasyRadiology provides your referring doctors with an easy and fast way to view their patient's radiology exams, just with a simple internet link on any device at any time. This is a clear advantage for your radiology department and will offer opportunities for more referrals!

Start saving money and grow your physician referral network now!

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